About us

CBRL is the UK's academic hub for the study of the Middle Eastern countries of Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus. Covering the breadth of the social sciences and humanities, we connect UK academia to the Levant. 


Is a Community of Scholars engaged in research in and about the Levant – past, present  and future

Promotes and sponsors research that is original, rigorous, interdisciplinary and of international significance  through awards of grants and fellowships

Promotes effective research collaborations between UK-based and Levant-based researchers

Is a member of British International Research Institutes (BIRI) affiliated to the British Academy, the UK’s premier institution supporting research excellence in the humanities and social sciences – with similar missions to promote scholarship and links internationally

Regional Scope/Access

Networked with scholars, professionals and sister institutions across the Levant

Facilitates research projects with international stakeholders as a local partner in the Levant

Supports scholars and organises events in the region 

Builds Capacity, partnerships, workshops and training programmes for local researchers and youth groups in the region

Hosts archives and specialist library collections in the region with access for local and international scholars


Partnering and advising on capacity-building initiatives in the region

Recruiting sponsorship for new initiatives that expand our activities and promote humanitarian endeavours in the region

Nurturing and modelling best practice scholarship in the region