Who funds us

The CBRL is a British Academy-sponsored organisation. Other income is raised through membership subscriptions, donations, grants and charges for our facilities.

Who Funds Us?

British Academy for the humanities and social sciences






The majority of CBRL's funding comes from the British Academy Sponsored Institutes and Societies committee (BASIS), with some additional funds from the Middle East and North Africa Panel (MENAP) of the British Academy. Additional funds are provided on a project basis by the Foriegn and Commonwealth Office and where we partner the British Council, for example in our current joint Visiting UK Scholars in Palestine Programme with the British Council in Jerusalem.

CBRL's members also provide an important and steady flow of income. The sales of our publications, books and journals all provide some funding, although most of this is used directly on publication costs. Our two institutes receive income through the services they provide, including accommodation, fieldwork vehicles and equipment, and serving as venues for workshops and meetings. Some additional revenue is obtained from occasional consultancy fees and direct contributions for services by larger research projects.

We are also grateful for the funding we receive from charitable bodies. At present the AlTajir Trust and Barakat Trust provide vital funds that support the library at the CBRL Kenyon Institute. We were delighted when the MBI al Jaber Foundation kindly supported a number of bursaries to bring young scholars to our meeting in Arab Uprisings in Amman.

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