Staff at the British Institute Amman

Dr Carol Palmer
Director (

Dr Carol Palmer is Director of the CBRL British Institute in Amman. She is an anthropologist, environmental archaeologist and botanist. Her research interests concentrate on recording rural life in its many forms, the contemporary and recent use of plants on the broadest level, cultivated, gathered and grazed, and the effects of changes in food production practices on the landscape and in society. She is part of the Thimar research collective, a group of largely university-based researchers who document and consider the problem of production and livelihood in rural societies across the Arab world. She is also an Honorary Fellow at Bournemouth University where she has a close research collaboration with Dr Emma Jenkins documenting and analysing rural settlement in Jordan using ethnographic analogy to answer key archaeological questions about building construction, use of space and animal husbandry, and other potential site functions. Please see here for more details.

Dr Andrea Zerbini
Assistant Director (

Andrea Zerbini is the Assistant Director of CBRL’s British Institute in Amman and an affiliate researcher of the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA) project at the University of Oxford. He is an ancient historian and landscape archaeologist with a research focus on the Near East between the Roman and Byzantine period. His publications cover a wide range of topics from the agrarian history of the Roman Empire to ancient migration, and from remote sensing in archaeology to digital humanities. He collaborates with a number of archaeological projects in Jordan, including the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan programme and the Mission Haute Jordanie survey.