CBRL Awards 2015/16


CBRL Awards in 2015/16

CBRL Visiting Fellowships and Scholarships       

Dr Jamie Allinson (University of Edinburgh) The Geopolitics of Counter-Revolution: Cross-Regional Impacts of Domestic Dynamics in the post-2011 Middle East (Senior Visiting Fellowship)

Dr Ilan Baron (Durham University) Imagining Different Communities: A comparative examination of Diaspora and Israeli news and political commentary (Senior Visiting Fellowship)

Dr Alex Bellem (Durham University) Disappearing Dialects? Arabic and Traditional Lifestyles of the Rural North, Centre and South of Jordan (Senior Visiting Fellowship)

Dr Emilio Distretti (University of Portsmouth) Desert roads. Investigating Coloniality from Libya to Palestine (Visiting Fellowship)

Dr Sarah Elliott (Bournemouth University) Signatures of human and animal occupation: an ethnographic reference collection using a combined multi-method approach (Visiting Fellowship)

Ms Allison Hartnett (University of Oxford) Growing power: agricultural policy and authoritarian power-sharing in Jordan (Visiting Scholarship)

Mr Piotr Jacobsson (University of Glasgow) Early Neolithic chronological relationships of Cyprus and south-west Asia: legacy dates and research design (Visiting Scholarship)

Ms Nora Parr (SOAS) Inter-textual nation: A novel paradigm of Palestinian community (Visiting Scholarship)

Dr Marlena Whiting (University of Oxford) Adaptation and Abandonment: contrasting patterns of pilgrimage conversion between the Nabataean and Islamic periods (Visiting Fellowship)

Dr Fiona Wright (University of Cambridge) Conflicted Subjects: An Ethnography of Jewish Israeli Left-Wing Activism in Israel/Palestine (Visiting Scholarship)


Pilot Study Awards

Dr Karl O'Connor (Ulster University) Exploring identities in East Jerusalem: The investigation of multiple/layered identities in East Jerusalem

Prof. Graham Philip (Durham University) Tell Kubba Excavations

Dr Dustin White (University of Southampton) Evaluating the potential of cryptotephra in refining the chronology and climatic context of human evolution in the Levant


Team-based Awards

Dr Vasiliki Koutrafouri (University of Edinburgh) Water Systems in Prehistory; Research and Heritage strategies

Mr Michael MacDonald (University of Oxford) The Wadi Salma area Epigraphic Survey


Project Completion Awards

Dr Kay Prag Excavations at Tell Iktanu and Tell Hammam


Travel Grants

Dr Andrew Arsan (University of Cambridge) A history of Lebanon

Ms Hanna Baumann (University of Cambridge) Mobility as a Site of Contestation over East Jerusalem

Ms Stephanie Chaban (Ulster University) Women’s Organisations and the Emergence of Domestic Violence Legislation in the Middle East/North Africa Region: An Examination of Egypt and Lebanon 

Mr Stephen Humphreys (Durham University) Ecclesiastical Control of Water Systems in Late Antique Palestine

Mr Hussam Hussein (University of East Anglia) Hydro-politics and the role of the water scarcity discourse in shaping national water strategies and transboundary water governance (TWG) in arid and semi-arid regions: the case of Jordan

Ms Claire Jeffery The regulation and protection, by the Israeli government and multinational enterprises, of Palestinian workers’ rights in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory

Mr Francesco Leopardi (University of Edinburgh) History and Narrative of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

Miss Rosemary Maxton (University of Cambridge) Sulayman al-Ghazzi: Christian monasticism under the Fatimid Caliphate

Ms Akanksha Mehta (SOAS) Negotiating Space on the ‘Right’: ‘Everyday’ Politics of Zionist Settler Women in Israel-Palestine

Ms Di Trevis Resistance through Theatre


Staff Research Awards

Dr Mandy Turner (CBRL) Peacebuilding-counterinsurgency symbiosis in the occupied Palestinian territory