Jericho off the Record: new sources of an old excavation

19 March 2019 18:00 to 19:00

31-34 Gordon Square

CBRL is delighted to be partnering with UCL's Institute of Archaeology for this lecture. 

From 1952 till 1958, Kathleen M. Kenyon directed the Second British Expedition to Tell es-Sultan, ancient Jericho, on behalf of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, University of London and Palestine Exploration Fund. As usual, the dig was documented by official appointed draughtsmen and photographers. The surveyors and field assistants made notes in their notebooks about the stratigraphy and finds, which were collected by Kenyon at the end of every season. Based on these (official) notes, photographs and drawings Kenyon published several excavation reports, articles and volumes. However, besides these official records made and gathered by order of Kenyon, the members of the expedition produced many private records on their own initiative during the excavation. Unfortunately, these so called ‘non-professional’ documents, which include photographs, slides, notes, letters, drawings, and – not to forget – the member’s memories, have generally been neglected in the past. This ignorance is undeserved, because this documentation is significant for current research in the history of archaeology, as will be demonstrated in the lecture.  

Bart Wagemakers lectures Ancient History at Institute Archimedes, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands, and has an interest in the history of archaeology. He is the coordinator of the Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs project ( which aims to preserve ‘non-professional’ documentation of archaeological campaigns in the past. Recently Wagemakers initiated the Jericho off the Record project which focusses on the Second British Expedition to Tell es-Sultan (1952-1958) and which gathered hundreds of non-professional black and white photographs, colour slides, letters, diaries and a 16mm colour film.

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