Philip Mansel – 'Was Aleppo a Levantine City?'

18 April 2017 18:00 to 21:00

British Academy

(This lecture is to commemorate the life and work of archaeologist Crystal Bennett, founder of the British Institute in Amman) 

Lying between the desert and the Mediterranean, the mountains of Anatolia and the banks of the Euphrates, Aleppo has always been a melting pot of religions, cultures and societies, known first and foremost for being a hub of trading. From the 16th century after its conquest by the Ottoman Empire through to the French Mandate of the early 20th century, Aleppo has been the residence of foreign consuls, and a centre of scholarship and modernization. Tracing several centuries of history, Dr Mansel asks: can we consider Aleppo to be a Levantine City?

Dr Philip Mansel is a fellow of the Institute of Historical Research, whose principal research concentrates on the later Ottoman Empire and the history of courts. His latest book, Aleppo: the Rise and Fall of Syria's Great Merchant City (2016), details the history of the city since the Ottoman conquest.

This is the eighth lecture in CBRL's 2016-2017 series, 'People, Power & Place in the Levant'.

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