CBRL's Mandy Turner presented with the Susan S. Northcutt Award

Mandy Turner with Susan S. Northcutt (left, who set up the Women’s Caucus) and Annick T. R. Wibben, Women’s Caucus of the ISA chair 2017-18 

Congratulations to CBRL’s Mandy Turner, Director of the Kenyon Institute in Jerusalem, on receiving the Susan S. Northcutt Award at the International Studies Association annual conference in San Francisco this April. This award recognises Dr Turner’s outstanding work in mentoring early career researchers in academia as well as her valuable contribution to the field of the political economy of peace and development processes.

From all her colleagues at CBRL, a huge congratulations Mandy!

Below is part of the letter that was sent on behalf of colleagues and former fellows of CBRL’s Kenyon Institute to nominate Dr Turner for this prize.

“We are a collective of women, members of minority communities, indigenous scholars and mostly early career researchers, who have each been irrevocably changed by knowing and working with Dr Mandy Turner. We have witnessed her endless efforts to advance the discipline of International Studies within critical scholarship of Palestine and vice versa. […]  Our nomination stresses Dr Turner’s limitless capacity to provide intellectual stimulation, rigorous feedback and support, together with warm-hearted friendship. 

[…] Under the directorship of Dr Turner, the [Kenyon] institute has built its core work around partnerships with local institutions, cultivating an exchange of ideas and analytical tools, from multiple disciplinary lenses. It has become one of the leading research centres in the region, in large part because of the sense of community, support systems, resources and mentorship given by Dr Turner […]

Dr Turner personifies a unique approach to academic development. She is both professionally engaged and politically committed to opening opportunities that advance the position and standing of those in less privileged positions, or early stages of their academic careers, in multiple ways […] She has shown throughout her career, that she is invested in the advancement of young scholars, particularly those without other support systems or networks, that they could rely on. Mandy has generated an integral spirit of solidarity amongst a community of emerging scholars, cultivating a healthy spirit of sharing and exchange, and an important support network upon which they can lean and with whom they can develop their work.

Meanwhile, Dr Turner is an incredibly prolific writer, at the head of her field in the political economy of peace and development processes. Dr Turner has made significant and important contributions to the field of critical international studies, development, peace and conflict, and Palestine Studies […] her research on “peacebuilding as counterinsurgency” (Review of International Studies, 2015) and her framing of violence in occupied Palestine through the “shock doctrine” (International Peacekeeping, 2009), presented ground-breaking approaches in the fields of international relations, the political economy of aid,  and the particular case of Palestine."

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