Many thanks to CBRL's out-going Honorary Treasurer

Fiona Salzen in Jordan (right), Christine Elias (centre), Andrea Zerbini (left)

A few words from CBRL's Chairman, James Watt:

"Our wonderful Honorary Treasurer, Fiona Salzen, steps down this month at the end of her four-year term.  On behalf of all of us at CBRL, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for her hard work, her expertise and her transformational leadership, and for the great benefits they have brought the organisation.  In a rapidly developing regulatory environment, she has ensured that as a charity we are now governed to the best standards and have the processes and structures that will enable us to thrive in the coming years. She has done this with the unfailing good humour, kindness and approachability that has made her all the more persuasive, backed with strong personal commitment to our success.  I know she will continue to care about how CBRL does, and has made herself available to be consulted after she steps down.  We are extremely grateful to her.  We shall be announcing her successor in the next newsletter."

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