‘Settlers and Citizens: A Critical View of Israeli Society’

 ‘Settlers and Citizens: A Critical View of Israeli Society’





We’re delighted to share news that the latest issue of Settler Colonial Studies is a special issue edited by former CBRL award-holders - Elian Weizman, Sharri Plonski and Yara Hawari -  that includes a co-written article, "Seeing Israel through Palestine: knowledge production as anti-colonial praxis". Elian, Sharri and Yara give more background to the journal here:

"The work on the special issue for the Journal of Settler Colonial Studies on ‘Settlers and Citizens: A Critical View of Israeli Society’ started three years ago. It took its shape from the 2015 SOAS Palestine Society Conference of the same name. However, as all long-term projects do, it has clearly evolved, through the writings of its contributors, the intellectual guidance of its reviewers, the institutions where we each work(ed) – including CBRL, which funded and supported individual research and collective work that went into this project – and the intensive collaboration of the editorial team, composed of Yara Hawari, Sharri Plonski and Elian Weizman.

The topics presented and discussed in the special issue interrogate the material ambiguities of the Israeli case, while advancing our theoretical understanding of settler-colonialism, as an ongoing global, regional and local project. Through diverse cases and modes of analysis, the articles each deal with the physical, cultural and ideological manifestations of Israeli settler colonialism, albeit from different lenses and in different ways: from settler anxieties concerning legitimacy and the economies of violence these produce, to modes of disciplining indigenous communities in the realms of education and knowledge production, the treatment of indigenous women’s bodies, and even the ecological environment.

Collectively and individually, the articles in this issue offer a re-reading of the Israeli case, both in terms of the analytical lenses used to explore settler colonial relations, as well as the platforms that shape how they are treated and challenged. Yet they also feed back into the larger theoretical terrain with which settler colonial studies grapples, helping to advance a more global and contingent analysis of the settler state within contemporary geo-economic and geo-political realities."

Yara Hawari is Honorary Fellow at Exeter University and former CBRL Kenyon Institute research fellow

Sharri Plonski is a lecturer in international politics at Queen Mary University of London and former grant holder from the CBRL

Elian Weizman is a lecturer in international politics at SOAS, University of London. She is a CBRL committee member and former Deputy Director of CBRL's Kenyon Institute in East Jerusalem.

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