Kenyon Institute Events 2014

The Non-State Solution, Civil Rights and a People's Peace, by Khaled Diab (The Guardian newspaper, UK), 15 December 2014.

Women, reconcilation and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by Giulia Daniele (Sant Anna and University of Exeter), 25 Noivember 2014. 

The Nqab Bedouin and Colonialism: New Perspectives,  by Mansour Nasasra (Kenyon Institute), Sophie Richter-Devroe (Exeter) and Sarab Abu-Rabia-Queder (Ben Gurion). 8th October 2014. Book launch and panel discussion. This was a joint event with the Educational Bookshop.

Jerusalem Unbound: Geography, History and the Future of the Holy City, by Michael Dumper, University of Exeter (UK). 10th September 2014. Book launch and lecture. This was a joint event with the Educational Bookshop.

Settler colonialism and the economic domination of indigenous peoples: Algeria, 1830-47, Lecture by William Gallois, University of Exeter (UK), 14th September 2014.

Religions, War and Ethics: A Sourcebook of Textual Traditions. Edited by Gregory M. Reichberg and Henrik Syse, with Nicole M. Hartwell (International Peace Research Institute [PRIO], Oslo). 15 July 2014. Book launch and panel discussion with  the editors Gregory M. Reichberg and Henrik Syse, plus chapter contributors Adam Afterman and Yuri Stoyanov. Joint event with the Educational Bookshop.

Explorations in the "Land of Conjecture" of the Eastern Black Desert of Jordan: Late prehistoric discoveries at Wisad Pools and Maitland's Mesa, 20 May 2014. Lecture by Yorke Rowan (University of Chicago).

Debt and Obligation in Contemporary Ramallah, 13 May 2014. Lecture by Christopher Harker (University of Durham).

Colonial Land Policies in Palestine, 1917-1936, 26 March 2014. Lecture by Martin Bunton (University of Victoria, Canada).

Lineages of Revolt: issues of contemporary capitalism in the Middle East,  5 February 2014. Lecture and book launch with Adam Hanieh (School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London). Kenyon Institute in collaboration with the Educational Bookshop. For the flyer, please click here.

Cultural Heritage and Conflict, 30 January 2014. Workshop organised by Birzeit University and the Kenyon Institute held at Birzeit University. For the flyer, please click here.

Critical Perspectives on International Intervention, 21 January 2014. Roundtable discussion with speakers: Mkhaimar Abusada (Al-Azhar University, Palestine). Helga Baumgarten (Birzeit University), Marie Breen-Smyth (University of Surrey), Maxine David (University of Surrey), Basem Ezbidi (Birzeit University, Palestine), Ciaran Gillespie (University of Surrey).