Kenyon Institute Events 2012

Ghazali and the Making of the Muslim Society, 28 November 2012. Public lecture given by Dr Yazid Sayid (Tantur Ecumenical College, Jerusalem).

Looking Closely, Looking Widely at the Umayyad Iconography of Power, 21 November 2012. Public lecture given by Dr Nadia Ali (Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin). Joint event with IFPO.

The Bedouin in the Sinai and the Challenges to the Camp David Paradigm, 12 November 2012. Launch of a Chatham House Briefing Paper by Nicolas Pelham (The Economist and CBRL Associate Fellow).

20th Century Baghdad, Architecture and Urban Space: from Expansion to Fragmentation, 16 October 2012. Public lecture given by Dr Caecilia Pieri (director of the IFPO Urban Observatory, Beirut). This was a joint event with with IFPO and Institut français.

Groundwater Use and Understanding in Ancient Times: Lessons for Today and Tomorrow, 10 October 2012. Public lecture given by Prof. Michael Knight (University of Sydney).

Settlement Patterns in the Crusader-period Lordship of Transjordan: a Historical and Archaeological Study, 24 September 2012. Public lecture given by Micaela Sinibaldi (Cardiff University).

Culture, Chronology and the Charcolithic: Theory and Transition, 2 August 2012. Book launch conducted by Dr Jaimie Lovell (CBRL) and Dr Yorke Rowan (University of Chicago).

Perfidious Albion?: The British Legacy in Palestine, 17 July 2012. Public lecture by Prof. Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter).

Internal Politics in Israel and Palestine and the Potential for Peace, 3 July 2013. Public lecture by Dr As'ad Ghanem (University of Haifa).

Salafism in Yemen: Transnational and Religious Identity, 30 April 2012. Book launch conducted by Dr Laurent Bonnefoy (Ifpo) and in partnership with Institut français du Proche-Orient, the French Cultural Centre and the Educational Bookshop.

Jerusalem and Constantinople: Cities of Caesar, Cities of God, 3 April 2012. One-day workshop organised by Dr Konstantin Klein (Bamburg University).