Kenyon Institute Events 2013

Christian Iconoclasm in Umayyad Palestine, 17 December 2013. Public lecture by Daniel Reynolds  (University of Birmingham, UK).

Rags & Riches: The Global Economic Crisis and the Costs of Inequality, 26 November.  Professor Robert Wade (London School of Economics). Visiting Scholars in Palestine lecture at the Kenyon Institute.

New Industrial Policy: The Entrepreneurial State as a Complement to Private Entrepreneurs, 27 November 2013Professor Robert Wade (London School of Economics). Visiting Scholars in Palestine lecture at the Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) in Ramallah.

The First Crusaders' Foreknowledge of the Seljuk Turks, 12 November 2013 by Nicholas Morton (Nottingham Trent University). 

People Like Us? The Transformation to Settled Farming Societies 10,000 years ago in Jordan,  24 October, by Professor Bill Finlayson (CBRL Director and Oxford Brookes University).

What Future for Syria's Past?  7 October 2013. Public lecture by Ross Burns (former Australian Ambassador to Syria). 

Reconstructing the Ramallah Model: What Does the Real Estate and Credit Boom Tell us about Palestinian politics? 20 August 2013. Book launch by Benjamin Barthe (Le Monde). Joint event with IFPO and the Educational Bookshop.

The Hour is at Hand: Apocalyptic Ideas and the Emergence of Islam, 27 June 2013. Public lecture by Professor Dame Averil Cameron (Oxford University and CBRL).

Russian Language Media in Israel, 20 May 2013. Public lecture given by Dr Andrei Rogatchevski (University of Glasgow)

Commemoration in Conflict: Chronicling and Comparing the 1948 Palestinian Nakba and 1916 Irish Easter Rising Remembrance Events, 14 May 2013. Public lecture given by Brendan Browne (Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland).

The Palestinian Economy of Jerusalem in the Peripheries, 10 May 2013. Launch of a major UNCTAD report by Raja Khalidi (MAS). Joint event with the Educational Bookshop.

The Emergence of the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions Movement, 6 March 2013. Public lecture given by Suzanne Morrison (London School of Economics, UK).

The Bride and the Dowry: How Israel Thwarted the Danger of Peace in the Aftermath of 1967, 20 February 2013. Book launch by Dr Avi Raz (University of Oxford). Joint event with the Educational Bookshop.

The History and Material Culture of Ottoman Palestine, 9-10 February 2013. Two-day workshop organised by Micaela Sinibaldi (Cardiff University). Speakers included: Yusuf Natsheh, Susynne Mc Elrone, Khader Salameh, Robert Schick, Mohammad Ghosheh, and Mahmoud Hawari.