Past Events in the UK


Fallahin and Nomads on the Margins of Bilad al-Sham: Population Dynamics and Land-use from Byzantium to the Crusades, 23 April 2013. Professor Claudine Dauphin (Honorary Prof. of the Universities of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Lampeter) and Dr Mohamed Ben Jedou (Associate Researcher of  "Orient et Méditerranée - Monde byzantin" of the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique -CNRS, in Paris). Crystal Bennett Memorial 25th Anniversary Lecture.

Rags, Tommy-Guns, and the King: Palestinians and the Pedagogical Regime, c. 1956, 26 February 2013. Public Lecture by Mezna Qato (St Antony's College, University of Oxford). Joint Lecture with The London Middle East Institute. Qato's lecture presented an alternative historical reading of Palestinian education in Jordan, foregrounding a local history of refugee educational life through the lens of a school textbook from 1950s Jordan.

Tell es-Sultan/Ancient Jericho: Across the Eras of Human Civilisation in Palestine,  17 January 2013. Public Lecture by Prof Lorenzo Nigro. Joint Lecture with the Palestine Exploration Fund and the British Foundation of the Study of Arabia.



The First Syrian Uprising: Guerrilla Warfare and Counter-Insurgency in the Making of Modern Syria, 1920-1946, 12 December 2012. Public lecture by Dr Daniel Neep (University of Exeter and CBRL). CBRL AGM Lecture.

Harvesting the Past: Tourism and Archaeology from Khartoum to Petra in the late 19th and early 20th centuries,  23 October 2012. Public lecture by Dr Amara Thornton (Honorary Research Associate, UCL Institute of Archaeology). CBRL sponsored lecture.

Iraqi Refugees - No Exit?  25 April 2012. Public lecture by Prof. Philip Marfleet and Tahir Zaman (University of East London). Joint Lecture with The London Middle East Institute. Their presentation addressed the circumstances of some 4.5 million Iraqis displaced both before and after the invasion of 2003.

Umm al-Biyara in Petra: Excavating the Iron Age Settlement and Nabataean Palace, 1960-2012, 13 March 2012. Prof. Piotr Bienkowski, University of Manchester. Crystal Bennett Annual Memorial Lecture 2012.



Death and Taxes: Early Urbanism at Tell Brak, Syria, 14 December 2011. Public lecture by Dr Augusta McMahon (University of Cambridge). CBRL AGM Lecture.

Syrian Cinema, Out of Time? 28 November 2011. Public lecture by Dr Kay Dickinson (Goldsmiths, University of London). Joint Lecture with The London Middle East Institute. Dickinson examined the role of the Syrian government in film production, questioning how labour conditions and a less marketised conceptualisation of culture might be maintained through a period of violence and transition.