Visiting Scholars and Fellows


Michel de Vreeze

CBRL Visiting Research Fellow

Michel is an archaeologist and his current CBRL fellowship is entitled Alternative trajectories towards social complexity in the Early Bronze Age Levant. For this projecthe is trying to explain different routes towards Early Bronze urbanization and complexity in the Levant by examining regional ceramic developments, comparing the Early Bronze ceramic record from Lebanon with the southern Levant. For his Master thesis, he worked on the Early Bronze Age dolmens of Damiyah (Jordan). For his PhD in Durham, he focused on the use of evolutionary anthropological methods to explain ceramic change. He is currently involved in multiple projects in the Near East, such as the ongoing excavations at Tell Koubba (Lebanon) and working on the ceramics for the final publication of the Shuna excavations. For the CBRL fellowship, Michel will divide his time between Lebanon and CBRL in Amman. In the case of Amman, he is using the lab to work on the Shuna ceramic reference collections held there and using the in-house library for key comparative studies.     

Alex Henley

CBRL Visiting Research Fellow

Alex is a Marie Curie Fellow at Oxford University's Faculty of Theology and Religion.  During his time at the CBRL in Amman and CBRL’s Kenyon Institute in East Jerusalem in 2019, he is doing fieldwork for a project on 'Genealogies of Islamic Religious Leadership in Post-Ottoman States'.  He is tracing the rise of Grand Muftis and other official religious leaders in the 20th century, exploring how Muslim clerics have shifted from freelance scholars to bureaucratic officials and formal representatives of religion.  This project furthers his wider research interest in the changing ways people define, imagine and institutionalise 'religion' versus 'non-religion'; he coordinates a research network on 'Categories of Religion and the Secular in Islam' ( Alex holds a PhD in Arab World Studies from the University of Manchester, MA in Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies from the University of Durham and BA in Theology & Religion also from Durham.  Before coming to Oxford, he held the American Druze Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgetown University and visiting fellowships at Harvard University and the Brookings Doha Centre. 

Sarah Elliott

British Academy Fellow at Bournemouth University in partnership with CBRL, 2019-2021

Sarah currently holds a three year British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at Bournemouth University in partnership with the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL). Her project is titled: Investigating Neolithic villages and farming communities in Jordan: developing and validating new scientific multi-methodologies. Sarah’s  research applies scientific methodologies to modern reference material, ethnoarchaeological and archaeological samples. She utilises a combined scientific approach to investigate human and animal signatures and activities in Neolithic villages in Jordan. She specialises in phytolith analysis (plant silica remains), thin section micromorphology, geochemistry and dung studies (faecal spherulites). For the three year's of her fellowship Sarah will conduct fieldwork in Jordan during the spring, collecting samples for analysis in the laboratories at Bournemouth University.

For Sarah's staff page at Bournemouth University, click here.


Past CBRL Fellows and Scholars at the British Institute in Amman include:

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Past British Institute Amman - Qasid Arabic Institute Scholars:

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