Current Research


CBRL Awards in 2019/20


CBRL Fellowships       

Dr Michel de Vreeze (Durham University) Alternative trajectories towards social complexity in the Early Bronze Age Levant (Post-Doctoral Fellowship)

Dr Roberto Roccu (Kings College London) A Global Political Economy of the ‘Missing Middle’ (Visiting Research Fellowship)

Dr Alex Henley (University of OxfordA Genealogy of Islamic Religious Leadership in Post-Ottoman States (Visiting Research Fellowship)


Pilot Study Awards

Prof Jeanine Treffers-Daller (University of Reading) Multilingualism and identity styles in Cyprus (MInC)

Dr Geoffrey Hughes (University of Exeter) The Value of Moderation: Language, Emotion, and Islam in Jordan


Team-based Awards

Prof. Graham Philip (Durham University) The Origins, Development and Practice of Economic and Social Strategies in the Middle East

Dr Matthew Pound (Northumbria University) Providing the Palaeoenvironmental Context to the Boom and Bust of Prehistorical Cypriot Societies

Prof Paul Carling (University of Southampton) Alluvial Fans as Indicators of Past Climate Change in the Levant


Project Completion Awards

Dr Kay Prag (University of Manchester) Shu’aib/Hisban Project


Travel Grants

Dr Alice Stefanelli (Durham University) Excesses of modernity: the politics of everyday mobility in Lebanon

Dr John Winterburn (University of Oxford) The Khatt Shebib Landscape Project (KSLP)

Mazen Iwaisi (Queen's University Belfast) Landscape Archaeology as Politicised Space in Palestine

Carly Krakow (London School of Economics and Political Science) The Role of International Law for Protecting the Human Rights of People Impacted by Environmental Crimes in Contexts of Statelessness, Displacement, and Armed Conflict

Christos Papadopoulos (University of Wales Trinity Saint David) A biological distance analysis of Cyprus population from Chalcolithic to Bronze Age


Project Affiliations and Honorary Fellows

Nadine Haasouneh, PhD (University of Helsinki) The Syria Desk: everyday life in humanitarian remoteness (Honorary Fellow)

Dr John Marcel Robert Elias (St Catherine's College, Cambridge University) Power Dynamics between Christians and Muslims in Medieval European Literature and Culture (Honorary Fellow)

Dr Tariq Tell (American University of Beirut) Rethinking Modern Jordan: the comparative and historical political economy of an enduring monarchy (Honorary Fellow)

Prof Robin Skeates (Durham University) Learning from Multicultural Amman: Engaging Jordan's Youth

Alison McQuitty (CBRL) Khirbat Faris: ethnography, land-use and environmental studies

Prof Graham Philip (Durham University) A multi-isotope base map for Jordan: a tool for re-examining movement and community in the past

Dr Alex Wasse (Yeditepe University) Eastern Badia Archaeological Project

Dr Micaela Sinibaldi (Cardiff University) Islamic Bayda Project

Prof Claudine Dauphin (University of Wales Trinity Saint David) The Fallahin and Nomads Project 


Please visit the Kenyon Institute and British Institute in Amman Visiting Fellows and Scholars pages for more information about current affilated projects and our honorary fellows.


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CBRL awards funding and research support each year following its strategic plan for research. Awards are given according to specific research themes and priorities. In addition, CBRL has one major strategic research initiative, Exploring Identities in the Levant, which combines elements from many of CBRL's key research themes.

Some of our own research is directly funded by the British Academy.Recent projects have included "Higher Education and Political Change in the Arab World: What Role for the Social Sciences?", "Twenty years of the 'Oslo peace paradigm': an assessment of its achievements and limitations" and "The Deep Past as a Social Asset in the Levant".

Academy funding has enabled us to employ a series of post-doctoral research staff on these projects.