CBRL Awards 2016/17

CBRL Awards in 2016/17

CBRL Visiting Fellowships       

Dr Micaela Sinibaldi (CBRL) The Late Petra Project: Ceramics and Settlement in the Petra Region during the Islamic period​ (Visiting Fellowship)

Dr Gabriel Varghese (University of Exeter) Theatre's counterpublics: Palestinian Theatre in the West Bank after the Oslo Accords (Visiting Fellowship)


Pilot Study Awards

Dr Jennie Bradbury (University of Oxford) A threatened coast: archaeology, heritage and development along the northern coast of Lebanon

Dr Sara Fregonese (University of Birmingham) How a sectarian territory was made: (re)mapping the Dual Qaimaqamiyya of Mount Lebanon (1842-1860)

Prof. Simon James (University of Leicester) Ancient Akrotiri Project, Cyprus

Dr Sharri Plonski (SOAS, University of London) Resistance in Borderlands: The Ambiguities of Decolonisation in Israel/Palestine


Team-based Awards

Dr Matthew Jones (University of Nottingham) Early and Mid-Holocene Environments and Settlement in Eastern Jordan

Prof. Graham Philip (Durham University) The Origins, Development and Practice of Economic and Social Strategies in the Middle East


Project Completion Awards

Dr Alison McQuitty Khirbat Faris: continuity and change in Southern Jordan


Travel Grants

Dr Lauren Banko (University of Manchester) Conduits of subjecthood, nationality, and ciizenship: movement, migration, and the subversion of borders in Palestine, 1869-1945

Ms Adélie Chevée (SOAS, University of London), Representing the subaltern: engaged women intellectuals of the Syrian revolution, 2011-2016

Ms Jennifer Eggert (University of Warwick) Female combatants, non-state violent groups and organisatinal decision-making

Ms Anne Irfan (London School of Economics) 'An International Palestine': UNWRA and Palestinian nationalism in the refugee camps, 1967-82

Ms Ellon Souter (University of Manchester) Not set in stone: Understanding community in prehistoric Cyprus through ground stone tool biographies

Ms Grace Wermenbol (University of Oxford) A Past that does not Pass? The Nakba and the Holocaust: Transmission of Exclusive Victimhood Narratives