CBRL Awards 2017/18


CBRL Awards in 2017/18


CBRL Visiting Fellowships       

Dr Polly Withers (University of Exeter) Performing Alterity: The Translocal Politics of an Urban Youth Music Scene in Post-Oslo Palestine


Pilot Study Awards

Dr Hussam Hussein (University of East Anglia) More than just a short term! Long term resilient and flexible solutions for water sectors impacted by forced migrations and refugess; the case of the Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

Dr Kamal Badreshany (Durham University) Instruments of Imperialism? What Transport Jars Reveal about Economy and Administration in the Earliest World Empires

Dr Michael Given (University of Glasgow) Forest Heritage of Cyprus

Dr Katharina Lenner (University of Bath) Tackling the causes for flight? The changing features and effects of German refugee policy in Jordan

Dr Gerasimos Tsourapas (University of Birmingham) Migratoin Diplomacy in the Eastern Mediterranean - Inter-State Politics of Population Mobility in the Middle East


Team-based Awards

Dr Matthew Jones (University of Nottingham) Early and Mid-Holocene Environments and Settlement in Eastern Jordan

Prof. Graham Philip (Durham University) The Origins, Development and Practice of Economic and Social Strategies in the Middle East

Prof. Michael MacDonald (University of Oxford) Badia Epigraphic Survey Project


Project Completion Awards


Travel Grants

Ms Tamara al-Om (University of St Andrews) The Coalescence of the Displaced: Syrian Civil Society Beyond Borders

Ms Adélie Chevée (SOAS, University of London), Representing the subaltern: engaged women intellectuals of the Syrian revolution, 2011-2016


Project Affiliations and Honorary Fellows

Prof. Claudine Dauphin (University of Wales Trinity Saint David) The Fallahin and Nomads Project

Dr Bern Mueller-Neuhof (German Archaeological Institute) The colonisation of the Northern Badia (NE-Jordan) in the Late Chaicolithic and Early Bronze Age (4th to 3rd millenium BC): a contribution to archaeological settlement geography in the arid regions of Southwest Asia

Dr Tobias Richter (University of Copenhagen), Dr Lisa Maher (University of California, Berkeley) and Dr Danielle Macdonald (Univeristy of Tulsa) The Epipalaeolithic Foragers in Azraq Project (EFAP)


Please visit the Kenyon Institute and British Institute in Amman Visiting Fellows and Scholars pages for more information about current affilated projects and our honorary fellows.


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CBRL awards funding and research support each year following its strategic plan for research. Awards are given according to specific research themes and priorities. In addition, CBRL has one major strategic research initiative, Exploring Identities in the Levant, which combines elements from many of CBRL's key research themes.

Some of our own research is directly funded by the British Academy.Recent projects have included "Higher Education and Political Change in the Arab World: What Role for the Social Sciences?", "Twenty years of the 'Oslo peace paradigm': an assessment of its achievements and limitations" and "The Deep Past as a Social Asset in the Levant".

Academy funding has enabled us to employ a series of post-doctoral research staff on these projects.