Discovery, documentation and the destruction of cultural heritage in the MENA region

16 January 2020 18:00 to 20:00

44-46 Aldwych, Holborn, London

Sharing Passions: discovery, documentation and the destruction of cultural heritage in the Middle East and North Africa.   

A tribute to Dr Andrea Da Silva Zerbini (1984-2019)     

Archaeologists thrive on discovering places, objects or stories about the past, especially when they give us a sense of identity, and meaning in our modern lives. Archaeologists also love to travel but also want to understand their roots and where they came from too. This talk will explore these aspects in terms of what it means to be an archaeologist working in the twenty-first century as well the challenges of working in the Middle East and North Africa. These include harnessing the latest technology, to help preserve the ever-threatened cultural heritage. The talk will be a tribute to the life and work of Dr Andrea da Silva Zerbini.  

Even wonderful sites in very remote places, such as this hilltop settlement, are not immune from the attentions of the bulldozer.  

About the speaker: Robert Bewley has been the Director of the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa project, University of Oxford since 2015.   

He has been the Co-Director of the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan project since 1998, and very recently was able to set up the Aerial Archaeology in Oman project.   

At English Heritage (now Historic England) he was an Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Head of Aerial Survey, and Head of Survey; Regional Director for the South-West from 2004-2007, and Director of Operations for the Heritage Lottery Fund until 2014.   

Author of six books including Prehistoric Settlements (1994 and 2003), Aerial Archeology – Developing Future Practice (2002 with W. Raçzkowski) and Ancient Jordan from the Air (2004 with David Kennedy).    

He studied at the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge, where he received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Archaeology. 

This event is open to all and free to attend. 

The lecture will be held at Bush House, Lecture Theatre 2, King's College London. 

Seating is unreserved - first come, first seated. The lecture theatre seats 80. Reistration will open closer to the event. 

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