Visiting Scholars and Fellows




Robert Roccu

CBRL Visiting Research Fellow

Roberto Roccu is based at the Department of European and International Studies at King’s College London, where he is a Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy (IPE). He primarily teaches critical approaches to IPE and the (global) political economy of neoliberal restructuring in the Middle East and North Africa. Roberto holds a PhD in International Relations (LSE), and has published extensively on issues including the political economy of the Egyptian revolution, the EU’s promotion of economic reforms in Arab Mediterranean countries, and Gramscian approaches to IPE. During his time at the CBRL's Kenyon Institute in East Jerusalem, Roberto will be working on his new research project, which investigates whether and to what extent integration in global markets has exacerbated patterns of economic and social dualisation in Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine. Insofar as it moves beyond methodological nationalism and towards a genuinely global approach to the political economy of the region, this project matters both analytically, as it highlights the structuring influence of global entanglement that makes economic integration in the region inherently disequalising, and politically, because it enables us to better capture the globally situated limits and possibilities of economic and political transformation in the Arab world. 


Alex Henley

CBRL Visiting Research Fellow .

Alex is a Marie Curie Fellow at Oxford University's Faculty of Theology and Religion.  During his time at the CBRL in Amman and CBRL’s Kenyon Institute in East Jerusalem in 2019, he is doing fieldwork for a project on 'Genealogies of Islamic Religious Leadership in Post-Ottoman States'.  He is tracing the rise of Grand Muftis and other official religious leaders in the 20th century, exploring how Muslim clerics have shifted from freelance scholars to bureaucratic officials and formal representatives of religion.  This project furthers his wider research interest in the changing ways people define, imagine and institutionalise 'religion' versus 'non-religion'; he coordinates a research network on 'Categories of Religion and the Secular in Islam' ( Alex holds a PhD in Arab World Studies from the University of Manchester, MA in Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies from the University of Durham and BA in Theology & Religion also from Durham.  Before coming to Oxford, he held the American Druze Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgetown University and visiting fellowships at Harvard University and the Brookings Doha Centre.     




Recent CBRL Visiting Research Fellows

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Current and past affiliated research projects

Conflict in Cities and the Contested State - Prof. Wendy Pullan (Cambridge University)
Excavations at Khirbet el Mafjar, Jericho -  Dr Mahmoud Hawari (Birzeit University and University of Oxford)
Perceptions of democratization in the Arab-Mediterranean world -  Dr Michelle Pace (Birmingham University)
Restoration of the Dome of the Rock -  Prof. Beatrice St Laurent (Bridgewater State College, USA)
Statebuilding as Exclusion: (Re-)Defining Palestine -  Dr Mandy Turner (University of Bradford)
Teaching Contemporary Palestinian Political History -  Dr Karma Nabulsi (University of Oxford)
Tel Zahara Excavations -  Prof. Susan Cohen (Montana State University, USA)
Tel Jezreel Post-Excavation and Publication Project - Dr Charlotte Whiting (CBRL Honorary Fellow).