British Institute in Amman Past Events 2014

IFPO/CBRL Insights Series: Perspectives on the Modern and Contemporary Arab World presents a public lecture by Falestin Naili (IFPO), 14 December 2014, 6pm at the CBRL British Institute in Amman. The Ottoman Munipality of Jerusalem, how to reconstruct the history of a forgotten urban institution.

A Nabataean Family Tomb in the Hinterland of Petra2 November 2014. Public lecture by Dr Lucy Wadeson (Université Libre de Bruxelles). Dowload the lecture flyer here.

Theatres of Blood: Violent and Non-violent Resistance in the Middle East18 October 2014. Public lecture by Prof. Charles R H Tripp (The School of Oriental and African Studies). Download the lecture flyer here.

Workshop on 'Reinforcing Academic Independence and Excellence in the Middle East'16 October 2014

This closed workshop jointly organised by the British Academy and the CBRL brought together 20 scholars from Jordan, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territories, Egypt, Iraq, and the UK, to discuss challenges which researchers and university administrators in the Middle East and in the UK face in seeking to establish a secure basis for academic independence and excellence. More details can be found here.

Conference on 'The Arab Uprising: Researching the Revolutions'22-23 September 2014

This conference was organized by CBRL to provide a space for pre- and post-doctoral researchers to critically engage with evolving contemporary crises across the Middle East and North Africa. Prof. Philip Marfleet (University of East London) gave the keynote public lecture and with Prof. Dawn Chatty (Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford) acted as session moderators and provided the concluding remarks. Speaker attendance at the conference was kindly sponsored by the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, as well as CBRL, with additional support provided by Menas Associates. Download the conference flyer here.


The Political Subject in the 'Arab Spring', 22 September 2014. Public lecture by Prof. Philip Marfleet (University of East London). Download the lecture flyer here.

The Shubayqa Archaeological Project 2014: Preliminary results from this year's fieldwork season, 25 August 2014. Public lecture by Dr. Tobias Richter (University of Copenhagen). Download the lecture flyer here

CBRL Spring Seminar Series 2014

Sites of Mobilisation or Manufacturing Consent? Universities and the "Arab Spring", 19 May 2014. Social Science Seminar with Dr Francesca Burke (CBRL). 

Rethinking Women's Activism after the "Arab Spring", 13 May 2014. Social Science Seminar with Dr Nicola Pratt (University of Warwick). 

Short- and Medium-range Mobility in the Roman Near East: patterns and motifs, 11 May 2014. Social Science Seminar with Dr Andrea Zerbini (CBRL).

Reinterpreting "Village" Life: PPNA Chipped Stone from Wadi Faynan 16, 28 April 2014. Social Science Seminar with Zoe-Louise Robinson (CBRL).

Cultural Heritage as an Economic Asset - Force for Good? 23 April 2014. Social Science Seminar with Dr Paul Burtenshaw (CBRL).

Secrets of Tafileh: Local Assets for Community Empowerment and Development, 2 - 4 April, 2014. 

أسرار الطفيلة: موارد متنوعة لتنمية وتطويرالمجتمعات المحلي 

Conference organised by Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), CBRL British Institute in Amman, Department of Antiquities (DoA), Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). Held at the Tafileh Development Foundation with the opening ceremony in Dana village. Download the conference brochure here.

Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Short Course on Palestine Refugees and International Law, 14 -15 March 2014. Led by Prof. Dawn Chatty and Dr Susan Akram.

'Double bill' lecture - Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage: International responses during the conflict by Helen Walasek (The Bosnian Institute, London) and New International Initiatives on the Preservation of the Cultural and Sacral Heritage in the Levant and Near East since the Bosnian Conflict
by Yuri Stoyanov (SOAS), 12 March 2014. For the flyer, please click here.

The Making of the Middle Sea: The Emergence of the Mediterranean World,  12 February 2014. Public lecture by Prof. Cyprian Broodbank (UCL Institute of Archaeology).