Past Events before 2014

Post-return Transnationalism and Iraqi Displacement in Syria and Jordan, 1 December 2013.   Public lecture by Dr Vanessa Iaria (CBRL Post-doctoral Visiting Research Fellow, British Institute in Amman / Sussex Centre for Migration Research).

The Jawa Hinterland Project: New Research Results on the Chalcolithic / Early Bronze Age Period in Northeastern Jordan, 4 November 2013. Public lecture by Dr Bernd Müller-Neuhof (German Archaeological Institute, Berlin). 

Through the Eyes of Justice: The Qur'an, Interpretation and Liberation Theology, 6 October 2013.  Public lecture by Dr Shadaab Rahemtullah (University of Jordan).

The Arab Spring's Missing Dimensions: Views from the Countryside, Peasants, Agriculture and Political Protest, 28-30 September 2013

A two day seminar to discuss research in progress by Habib Ayeb and Ray Bush on new fieldwork in rural Egypt and Tunisia and discussion meeting for the Thimar Research Collective, a research group working on the crisis in agriculture in the Middle East and North Africa. Followed by a field trip to the Jordan Valley.

The Politics of Child Protection under Occupation: Causes and Consequences of Failed International Efforts in Palestine, 23 September 2013. Public lecture by Dr Jason Hart (University of Bath).

Traumatized Bodies: Ritual or Violence? 16 September 2013. Public lecture by Prof. Christopher Knüsel (University of Exeter / CBRL Senior Visiting Fellow). 

The Politics and Ethics of Translation/Interpreting, 4 September 2013. Public lecture supported by the British Academy and British Council held at the British Council, Jabal Amman. Speakers: Prof. Ebru Diriker (Boğaziçi University, Turkey) Ethics and Politics of Conference Interpreting: Revisiting the Status of the Profession(al) and Prof. Farzaneh Farahzad (Allameh Tabataba'i University, Iran) Translation in the Post Revolution Period in Iran. Moderator: Prof. Mona Baker (University of Manchester, UK).

This was the second installment in the British Academy sponsored series of capacity building workshops which started in Amman in 2011, focused on training researchers in the Arab World, Iran and Turkey in the area of translation studies.

The teaching staff for the 2013 Amman Workshop include Prof. Mona Baker (University of Manchester, UK), Dr Carol O'Sullivan (University of Portsmouth, UK), and Dr Christopher Rundle (University of Bologna, Italy & University of Manchester, UK). Delegates include participants from Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), Algeria, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, Iran and Turkey. Translation Studies Portal.

EU Democracy Assistance after the Uprisings: Lessons Learned? 22 April 2013. Public lecture by Dr Andrea Teti (University of Aberdeen).

The Works of the Old Men in Arabia: Exploring and Mapping a Prehistoric Landscape from the Air and from Space, 7 April 2013. Public lecture by Prof. David Kennedy (Winthrop Professor of Roman Archaeology and History at the University of Western Australia).

Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Short Course on Palestine Refugees and International Law, 15 -16 March 2013. Led by Prof. Dawn Chatty and Dr Susan Akram.

Social Science in Jordan, 12 March 2013. One-day Conference organised in partnership with the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the University of Jordan. " الجامعة الاردنية 12/3/2013 ورشة عمل " العلوم الاجتماعية والانسانية في الاردن

Held entirely in Arabic this conference presented an opportunity for Jordanian researchers to discuss the prospects and challenges facing local researchers in the social and human sciences.

Geoarchaeology in Cyprus and the Bronze Age Kingdom of Alashiya, 4 February 2013. Public lecture by Dr Michael G. Brown (CBRL Visiting Research Fellow).

Multiple Paths to Urbanism in the Ancient Near East, 1 December 2012. Public lecture by Prof. T.J. Wilkinson (Fellow of the British Academy / Durham University, UK).

A Methodology for the Future? The Role of GIS Technologies within 21st-century Near Eastern Archaeology, The British Institute in Amman, 29 November - 2 December 2012.

This three-day workshop brought together European scholars, Middle Eastern scholars and representatives from Antiquities Departments to discuss a framework for the development of GIS methodologies and database software within Levantine archaeology.

French-British Coordination Attempts to Enact the Division of Sovereignty between Mandatory Syria and Transjordan, 31 October 2012.  Public lecture by  Dr Phillippe Bourmaud (Université of Lyon III, France) in collaboration with the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), Amman.

Archives, Agriculture and Exile: Lucjan Turkowski in Palestine, 1943-1947, 1 October 2012. Public lecture by Dr Carol Palmer (CBRL British Institute in Amman).

Interreligious Dialogue; A Living Experience, 23 September 2012. Talk by  Dr Amer Al-Hafi (Deputy Director of the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies and Associate Professor at the Dept of Theology, Faculty of Religious Studies, University of Al al-Bayt).

Take Me Home, 10 September 2012. Film Presentation by Mais Darwazah, with an introduction by Dr Hanan Toukan.

Informal Talk by Chris Rampling From The British Embassy in Amman-Jordan for CBRL British Institute residents, 6 September 2012. 

An English Poet's Levant: Chaucer, His Knight and the Arabic Philosophers, 11 July 2012. Lecture by Shazia Jagot (University of Leicester / CBRL Visiting Research Scholar).

Archaeology: Social Science or Just a Lot of Mucking About? 16 May 2012. Social Science Research Seminar with Dr Jennie Bradbury (CBRL Visiting Research Fellow).

Gaming Pieces, Toys, Counting Aids or Recording Devices: Discussing Geometric Clay Objects ("Tokens") from the World's Earliest Agricultural Villages, 9 May 2012. Public lecture by Lucy Bennison-Chapman (University of Liverpool / CBRL Visiting Research Fellow)

Growth without Employment: the Jordanian Paradox Re-examined, 2 May 2012. Joint lecture with Ifpo.  Public lecture by Dr Jalal Al Husseini (Ifpo, Amman)

Peat in the Desert: Potential Archives for Climate Change during the Past c. 10,000 years, 23 April 2012. Public lecture by Dr Claire Rambeau (University of Bern / CBRL Visiting Research Fellow).

Locating State and Society in Jordan's Community Policing, 11 April 2012. Social Science Research Seminar with Jessica Watkins (Kings College London). 

Theorising Middle Eastern Cities, 28 March 2012. Social Science Research Seminar with Dr Chris Harker (University of Durham / CBRL Senior Visiting Research Fellow). 

Archaeological Seminar: Settlement Dynamics in Marginal Areas in the Near East (300 BC - AD 700), 25-27 March 2012. Organised by The University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, the Netherlands Institute in Amman, and the British Institute in Amman (CBRL). 

Palestinian Road (Block) Movies: Internationalizing the Al-Aqsa Intifada through Film, 14 March 2012. Public Lecture by Dr Kay Dickinson (Goldsmiths, University of London / CBRL Senior Visiting Research Fellow)

What's wrong with Fayyadism? 7 March 2012. Social Science Research Seminar with Phil Leech (Exeter University / CBRL Visiting Research Fellow).

Jawa's Hinterland? New Research on the Black Desert and the Late Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age of the North-eastern Badia of Jordan, 5 March 2012. Public lecture by Dr Bernd Müller-Neuhof (German Archaeological Institute, Berlin).

The Social Origins of Alliances: A Historical Sociology of Jordanian Foreign Policy in the Early Nasserist Era, 26 February 2012. Social Science Research Seminar with Jamie Allinson (CBRL British Institute Amman). 

Agriculture and Food Production in the Shadow of the Arab Oil Economy,  The British Institute in Amman, 28-29 January 2012

An invited international workshop supported by the British Academy to bring together key researchers to debate the current crisis in agriculture and food production in the Middle East and North Africa Region. The workshop was organised by Professor Martha Mundy (LSE) with Elizabeth Saleh (LSE), and co-ordinated by the British Institute in Amman. Read a summary of the meeting here

Demographic Transition in the Middle East and North Africa: Disciplines in Dialogue,  Rum Auditorium, University of Jordan, 14-16 January 2012

An international conference co-organised by the British Institute in Amman, the Faculty of Science of the University of Jordan, and the French Institute for the Near East and co-sponsored by the d'Alembert Fund of the French Foreign Ministry, the Council for British Research in the Levant, the Cultural Section of the French Embassy in Amman, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the University of Bern, and the University of Jordan. 

Understanding Authoritarianism in the Middle East: What Can Interpretive Political Science Contribute?, 7 December 2011. Public Lecture by Dr Daniel Neep (CBRL Research Director, Syria).

Twixt Sand and Sown: the Population Dynamics of Southern Jordan between Byzantium and the Mamluks- a New GIS Project, 28 November 2011. Public lecture by Claudine Dauphin and Dr Mohamed Ben Jeddou (CBRL Affiliated Project).

Depictions of Islam in European Biblical Art, 14 November 2011. Public Lecture by Martin O'Kane (University of Wales, Trinity Saint David). 

The Economic Value of Archaeology: Concepts and Case Study of Feynan, Jordan, 1 November 2011. Public Lecture by Paul Burtenshaw (Institute of Archaeology, UCL). 

 Middle Eastern Conspiracy Theories: What lies beneath?, 29 September 2011. Public Lecture by  Matthew Gray (Australian National University).  

Corruption in the Palestinian Authority: Neopatrimonialism, the Peace Process and the Absence of State-hood, 19 September 2011. Open Seminar organized by CBRL Amman in collaboration with Luciane Fangalua (University of Durham).

Translation & Interpreting Studies Workshop, 5 September-7 September 2011. Closed International Workshop co-ordinated by CBRL Amman. Supported by British Academy and organised by Mona Baker (University of Manchester).

Water, Life and Civilisation Workshop, 30 July 2011. Open Workshop organized and sponsored by CBR

Kharaneh IV: Environment and Aggregation at a 20,000-Year-Old Hunter-Gatherer Site in Eastern Jordan, 22 June 2011. Public Lecture by Lisa Maher (University of Cambridge) and Tobias Richter (University of Copenhagen).

“Youthquake”: Questions Concerning the Genesis and Implications of Demographic Transition in the Middle East and North Africa, 13 June 2011. - Public Lecture organized by CBRL Amman and IFPO Amman by Édouard Conte (CNRS and IFPO, Amman, and the University of Bern).

Guns, Butter and Human Rights - The Congressional Politics of U.S. Aid to Egypt, 27 April  2011. Open Seminar organized by CBRL Amman in collaboration with Lars Berger (Salford University/Greater Manchester).

Gender Mainstreaming and Women’s Political Participation in Jordan, 4 April 2011. Open Seminar organized by CBRL Amman in collaboration with Marta Pietrobelli (SOAS & CBRL Visiting Fellow).