The Kenyon Institute has rooms (single occupancy or shared) available on the first floor for short or long term stays.

Our Facilities

Up to 16 people can stay in the hostel, in a mixture of single, double and shared rooms. These are built around a central salon, which has cable television, and a log fire for the winter. All rooms are well fitted for study, with desks and wireless internet (which also covers most of the institute balconies and garden). Sheets, duvets, blankets and towels are provided, and the hostel is cleaned four times a week. Residents share two bathrooms; and there is a washing machine and dryer available for use.

Residents are self-catered in a large, well-equipped kitchen on the ground floor, where they have their own fridge and cupboard space. A small self-service breakfast is provided, and the kitchen is kept stocked with basic supplies: tea, coffee, milk, bread, preserves, spices etc.

Accommodation rates from 1 April 2018


  Short term
  (per day)  

  Medium term
  (per day, minimum of 14 days)

  Long term
  (per month; minimum of one month stay)



   120 NIS  shared

   150 NIS    single

  105 NIS    shared 

  140 NIS     single

  2500 NIS    shared

  3550 NIS     single


  165 NIS    shared   

  200 NIS     single

   120 NIS    shared

   165 NIS    single

  3080 NIS     shared

  4000 NIS    single

For longer stays, please enquire as to further reductions. For enquiries and booking, please contact

Terms and Conditions

1. CBRL membership is required to stay for more than one night in any one calendar year (subscription 50 GBP (salaried) / 20 (student) GBP per calendar year). To find out more about the other benefits of membership and to register with the CBRL, please see here. To pay/renew your subscription, go hereCBRL membership is required to secure any advance booking.

2. Room rates are only available per night, per full week or monthly. Any days or weeks in excess of this will be charged at the daily or weekly rate. For example, 1 month and 1 day at the salaried single room rate  would be NIS 4000 for the month and NIS 200 for the additional day.

3. Bills can be paid directly before departure to our administrator or through our online payment pages quoting an invoice number. Long-term residents are invoiced at the end of each month.

4. Unemployed members will be assessed at the student rate. Students are normally defined as full-time students registered at a university and not in receipt of a salary. Application of the student rate requires evidence of student status. 

5. Team  members can stay for up to two nights at the beginning and end of fieldwork without becoming individual members where a project membership fee is paid by a project director. 

6. Group visitors planning a residential course / workshop / or local tour should contact to discuss the possibility of a group membership for their visit.

Miscellaneous Charges / Information

Washing machine 10 NIS per load
Photocopying/Printing/Faxing = 1 NIS per sheet.
Residents are advised to take out personal contents insurance to cover the period of their stay.
Residents at the Kenyon Institute have 24-hour access to all institute facilities, including the library.
A map to the building can be found here.

Book your accommodation by email